On the Rodeway

August 15, 2012 — 1 Comment

While in Mississippi a few weeks ago with Matt Eich while he worked on his project, Sin and Salvation in Baptist Town, he challenged me to work on a project of my own. After meeting and observing a few different people at our hotel I thought it would be interesting to spend time with all the different types of people that stay at the cheapest hotel in a place like Greenwood, MS. I spent some time meeting and photographing the hotel’s workers, owner and current residents. We stayed at the Rodeway Inn for the two weeks we were there which cost about $25 a night. Its really enjoyable to meet people with incredible stories all living temporarily in this hotel. There were people in transition of moving one place to the next, several construction crews, the owner of the hotel is the largest hotel owner in Mississippi and even people on vacation in Greenwood. I should have spent more time making pictures of these people and this place. Here is a small edit of the pictures I made while I was there. Thanks for looking.


One response to On the Rodeway


    Ian, the first portrait in this post is incredible.

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